Why we ride

Bike Bar was created for life addicts by life addicts.

This is not about fitness, this is how we choose to live. We're different, we have fun, and we want you to join our party. 

It all starts with the design of our space. You'll forget everything you know about fitness studios when you walk into our hotel-style reception complete with premium amenities, fresh towels, mood lighting and sweet tunes. Free shoes are a nice touch.

Choose your bike and leave the rest to us. Our instructors will guide you through a meditative cardio workout curated to stimulate your brain, transform your body. And we take our music very seriously. 

Forty-five minutes of YOU time starts now... what are you waiting for?


Start with you

Bike Bar is built on the belief that fitness should be fun and inspiring. We jog, sprint, climb, dance and break through boundaries on the bike. It starts with your intent to be your best. If you're reading this, you're on your way.

Transform your body

Bike Bar is indoor cycling re-imagined. Forty-five minutes is all it takes to transform the way you look and feel. Our classes are fat-burning full body workouts, designed specifically to work your core, make you sweat and leave you smiling! 

Find your people

Bike Bar doesn't just exist to change bodies. We want to change the way people exercise. With inspirational instructors, killer playlists and lights down low we help our riders clear their heads and empower themselves with a strength that lasts beyond the studio walls. The best part? We do it together.